Friday, May 27, 2011

My background

I think it is time to re-examine my background. I had the great opportunity to work in Los Angeles as a Visual Effects Artist/Digital Compositor for over 7+ years. I worked primarily in broadcast television, with one movie credit to my name (something I am very proud of). My current interests have moved more into the animation side of things (particularly traditional), to upgrade my skills. My knowledge gained from my time in LA (VFX, commercial acting, editing) is priceless. Here is my demo-reel from that time:

My current position as a college instructor/professor at the Southwest University of Visual Arts has also taught me some valauble skills. I have learned even more about film making, editing, pre- and post production, and I  have taken a couple of animation classes this last year to study the 12 principles of animation! Here is a sample of basic skills:

Being an college instructor is a lot like being an art or creative director. You manage people, assist them in learning new skills, and give them opportunities to grow and learn.


MCU: Jackson T. Blacktail listens warily
The art of visual storytelling is something dear to my heart. I have been honing my skills in this department, utilizing my artistic talent and knowledge of film making. TUMBLEWEED is a current personal project that I am working on right now, and may completing it for my interest in an MFA degree. The storyboards are almost done and grayscaled. The animatic is the next step. To the left is a sample, and if you check my other blog,, you can get updates on my progress!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm Baaaack!

Yes, it has been far to long since I have last blogged. I want to rectify this, and start posting again. I have been working on two different stories, in various points of pre-production. I have created a new character, and a new concept based on something I have loved, since I was a little kid:  Monsters!
I do not want to disclose much, other than the main character is to be a pre-teenager with a unique look and outlook on life.  I am embracing the inner visual storyteller, as I begin work on a MFA this year! Here are some character designs and a storyboard panel.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Motion09 Conference

I have a great opportunity to visit Albuquerque, New Mexico. I have been asked to participate in a conference for animation called Motion09!!!! I get to go to panels and sessions to learn about new software, take drawing classes (we get to bring our sketchbooks), and listen to some fantastic teachers and speakers. I am truly excited to go! I am looking forward to hearing such talents as Phil Young, a former Disney animator, who is teaching animation at the Albuquerque Art Center campus! I also look forward to seeing Andrew Orloff, co-owner of Zoic Studios. I have met Andrew on various occassions, in California. We have had the same circle of friends, and both of us worked for the company Modern Videofilm. His background is in 3D, whereas mine is is digital visual effects.

I am ready to go!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Yet Another Blog

For those interested, I am working on an animation project for personal reasons. I am currently ironing out the treatment and working on the character designs. You can check it out on Enjoy!